Caleb Sears (2008-2015)


Caleb Sears was a healthy six-year-old living in the Bay Area. He was in his first year of elementary school and just starting to read and write. He loved playing with his little sister, climbing trees, singing Les Miserables, and making up funny stories about llamas and time machines.


In March 2015, Caleb went with his parents to his oral surgeon’s office to have a tooth extracted, a normal dental procedure. Caleb stopped breathing after general anesthesia was administered. The oral surgeon was performing the procedure without key elements that would have made the anesthesia administration safe for Caleb. He suffered irreversible massive injuries and died because there were no adequately trained support personnel available or sufficient monitoring equipment.  


Caleb’s death was preventable, as were those of numerous other children. Help us prevent this from happening ever again.